Comparing Original and Generic

What is a generic cartridge?

Generic Cartridges are none-genuine cartridges that still provide high quality printing results.

We are confident to say that all the Generic Cartridges we provide, and along with our other products, are certified to the ISO9001 and ISO9002 standards and they all come with a 100% money back guarantee.

What is the difference between the XL and Standard Products?

When you come across products that tell you "High Yield" or "XL". They're telling you that you have a High Yield cartridge which means that it will be able to produce more pages. Also, the said product will last longer than an ordinary cartridge.

Is the quality of the compatible cartridges the same as the genuine? Will I receive the same amount of pages?

All provided compatible cartridges deliver the same printing quality of a genuine product. Most genuine products are able to print out at least 5% coverage.

Will using a compatible ink cartridge affect my printer's warranty.

No. If you use a compatible product for your printer, it won't be able to void your printer's warranty.